I’M BACK… and I ain’t going to leave




Hello my pretty beautiful faces. How are you? Have you missed me? 🙂


I am really like REALLY sorry for not getting back on my posting and communicating with you BUT I have been dramatically busy and yes… a bit lazy with this. Now I am back so, this is what counts right?


I just want to announce today that from now on, I just want to be completely honest with you guys. Not that I have been lying but I certainly gave you the impression that I am this special perfect health machine that walks around the streets of London. Guess what? I am NOT. And nobody is, at least if they haven’t some serious problems. 🙂

Health is one of the few things we really have to take care of and take seriously, but at the same time nobody is perfect and we all need some balance in our lives.

I like to feel good and think about what I eat, but sometimes I like to enjoy a piece of chocolate, a cake, a juice, or a drink… I try to be balanced and some times I can some times I do more than enough and I know that if I did then I’ll have to put double of work in in the gym or be better.

I am not going to give you a special post today or many other infos but just letting you know that, yes, I am back!!! Stay tuned, share the love and follow me on Instagram ❤



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