If you follow me, you should know by now that my favorite color is PINK! It is a girly colour, and there’s no reason to be ashamed of being a girl who likes a girly color, right?

So yesterday I have decided to bring some fun to the gym and prepare a good outfit, as lately I have been only in black on black on black.


Here in order and as for numbers are:

  1. HYDRATING BODY LOTION by Victoria’s Secret SHEA parfume, it’s a cotton moisture complex that I love, not because it mainly do my skin softer but because it makes my skin smell like heaven in spring and makes me feel confident and sexy even when I sweat; buy yours HERE;
  2. Sport Bra by Stella McCartney for Adidas. One of my fav models for sport bras as it is big, long ad contain all you need baby, Feels in between a tank top and a bra so not feeling totally naked in the gym nor like I am wearing my whole wardrobe and have my t shirt stuck on my skin during my workout. You can find new colours HERE ;
  3. ADIDAS Leggings by Stella McCartney in pink, there are many other options, and I love the new winter colors too, Find your favorite HERE;
  4.  GARNIER Moisture + Protect daily protective moisturiser spf 20. I keep this face lotion in my gym bag for every time I finish my workout and have a shower this is a super light cream that helps keep my face moisturised as I don’t always want to bring my daily one (from Lancome) around, it’s good, it works and it’s cheap get yourself one HERE and keep it in your bag for any need and time;
  5. TOPSHOP top in pink, of course, I have them in 4 colors and I love them during my workout, as the cotton is very light, and they are cute, I also wear them sometimes with jeans when I have casual days, get yourself one HERE;
  6. MYPROTEIN BCAAs and L GLUTAMINE, it’s pink because it is watermelon and tropical flavour. I take this during and after my workouts to help my muscle recover quickly and feel great. It’s a great way to take care of yourself, and make sure your muscles will get the best, get yourself some clicking HERE and use code verena15 if you are a new customer, or VERENA8 if you are a returning customer, you can get your beautiful discount straight away on check out;
  7. PURE SEDUCTION by Victoria’s Secrets. It’s fresh, it’s nice and it’s sexy, I always spray some in the morning, before going to bed, before my workout, and after my workout, to make sure I always smell good when talking to people, and feel confident, get yourself your HERE;

and that is my COP MY STYLE list! Let me know what you are getting for your self for Christmas!!!!



Verena Stefanie

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