As I always want to inspire you and push you to eat healthy and give yourself the right nutrition from the first thing in the morning. So as per usual for me, I start my day with a super quick breakfast, rich in proteins and good fats (yes, ladies, get over it, there are ‘good fats’ that your body NEEDS!).

This is

2 eggs cooked in coconut oil; with some sprinkle of  Pizza Flavor FLAVOR GOD spices

2 slices of Quinoa bread (I find it at Tesco)

half avocado with a sprinkle of FlavorGod Chipotle and Vergin Olive Oil (our Italian of course)

and a tea spoon of Philadelphia (I don’t eat it that much but I felt I needed something creamy to add to it.


After my 12 weeks of competition I find it a bit difficult to eat meat (chicken, turkey and beef) as I think I have had quite too much so I am giving my body a rest at the moment and try and base my diet on a pesco-terian lifestyle, more fish and veggies 🙂

I need to have more energies during the day and I hate to relay on coffee as it is not good for us having too much. One in the morning, and one half day through if I woke up at 5am and had my first coffee at 5:30am.


What’s on your plate today? Don’t be shy, send me over your favorite breakfast / brunch recipe or ask me what you would like to see more on this blog.


Have a lovely day my dearest ladies! Make It Count!

Tanto per mantenervi aggiornati e con ispirazione continua ecco qua il mio brunch del sabato, prima di uscire a prendere un po d’aria fresca e dei regali di Natale. Che felicità.

Questo è un brunch molto veloce,

semplicemente cucinate 2 uova con del olio di cocco, mezzo avocado, due fette di pane di quinoa e un cucchiaino di philadelphia!

Che bontà!


Il tutto con un pizzico di Pizza flavour di FLAVORGOD e del Chipotle flavour sempre di FAVORGOD

Provatelo e fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate. Non dimenticate sale e pepe e un filo d’olio extra vergine di oliva per insaporire il cibo 🙂



Verena Stefanie



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